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Weathered The Storms 

Weathered  The  Storms 

By Rosa Reid Partlow

This book was written out of the pain I went through, and I found that other women of all ages go through life with no one to talk to, or at least they feel there is no one that will believe them or they can trust. If I had not found Jesus, I would have never known that in all the storms that kept hitting me, they could be weathered, just holding on to the broken pieces that He has there for me to grab onto. One of the broken pieces I didn't share in the book that God used as a broken piece to help me with my low self-esteem was my daughter that was very young at the time. One day she wrote me a poem, and I still read it now, so I'm going to share it with you. I hope it may be an encouragement as it was and still is to me.
Beauty is Me... Beauty is You
Beauty is not made for only a few
Beauty is Love... Beauty is Peace
Beauty is inside to be Released
Some think of Beauty as only Looks,
others think Beauty is only glamour and fame
We know Beauty is within, and we should spread the Word
among all our friends that Beauty is me… Beauty is you
Beauty is not made for only a few

Written by SRS

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$10.99 Paperback

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