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Take God's Plan Out of the Can

Take God's Plan Out of the Can:
Proof All Things Work Together For Your Good  

If you've ever begun a God-given task only to stop midway, this book offers the encouragement you need to rekindle your passion and start anew. "Take God's Plan Out of the Can" illustrates that, despite life's trials and tribulations, you have the inner strength to complete what you've started. This book aims to bolster your resolve to persevere and not succumb to defeat. Drawing from Evangelist Tameka's own liberating journey, her powerful testimony is a beacon of hope, proving that with God's boundless love and strength, you too can overcome and triumph. Her story is a testament to resilience and faith, and it promises to inspire and guide you in your own path. Order your copy today for a dose of motivation and a renewed sense of purpose!

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$12.99 Paperback

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