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Prophetic Letters

Prophetic Letters

Compilation by Latrice Leake 

The Father's love is and unsearchable and profoundly unfathomable. In this collection of letters between the Father's heart and humanity you will experience a journey that speaks to the depth of Father's love toward His creation. This generation has been given many options as it relates to belonging. Many have become orphaned by a self-willed choice that has in many cases denied the Father access to the hearts of man. Those who were created to operate as sons and daughters in the Earth have embraced every option outside of Abba seeking fulfillment, yet nothing outside His love will ever satisfy that which was created to be satisfied only by Him.May you feel the embrace of the Lord as you journey through this book with us. Father wants your heart and He will stop at nothing to capture it forever. He is a good father and His love is better than life itself..

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$12.99 Paperback
$9.99 Ebook


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