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 Are you a woman who at times finds yourself confused about life in general? • Have you ever found yourself uncertain about your purpose? • Unsure of your identity? • Doubtful about your abilities? • Have no one to ask the hard questions to? Let’s be honest… “Are you more fragile than you appear to be and so often find yourself wanting to take off your public masks and say “I’m scared…I’m broken and I don’t know what to do?” If so, Sis this book was written just for you! Over the years I have poured my heart out on Facebook with you in mind. Each of my statuses have been posted to give you the head-start that perhaps you may not have had.” Thinking just of you, Phaedra PhaithBook provides women with the tools she needs to build or repair her self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence while helping to build her faith in God. This girlfriend devotional compiled of Phaedra’s social media statuses and her personal stories, functions as a beacon of light filled with wisdom, knowledge and experiences that will assist women of all ages and all walks of life figure out – Who they are...Why they are...and Where they are in life… Phaedra leaves no stone unturned as she tackles subjects like sex, loneliness, defeat, self-worth, values, morals, conflict, fear, faith and purpose all while tying in the old with the new, teaching women that old principles, old values and even biblical scriptures still have significance and still does work when applied to one’s life.


$11.99 Paperback 
$5.99 Kindle 

By Phaedra Anderson 

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