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The Power of Vision 

The Power of Vision 

Complied By Dr. Kishma A. George  

Empower Your Vision; Shape Your Destiny
Imagine stepping into a world where you can see beyond the ordinary, where you're empowered to dream big, achieve remarkable goals, and flourish! This inspirational devotional stands as your guiding light in this very world. Within its pages, a transformative journey awaits, side by side with eight visionary women. Together, they unveil the keys to unlock your limitless potential and embrace a life of triumph.
As you travel through each devotional, your vision will expand to see broader horizons that enable you to perceive more than meets the natural eye. A profound sense of purpose will be ignited, driven by your God-given vision, breaking you free from shortsightedness, and allowing you to see as God sees. You will hold onto your dreams, even when they seem distant, and discover how to spot the silver lining amidst difficulties. Armed with powerful insights, these devotions equip you to embrace your God-given vision, overcome obstacles, and emerge victorious from life’s tumultuous waters.
Written by women for women from all walks of life, The Power of Vision transcends age, background, and circumstances. So no matter where you are in your life journey, let this book be your steadfast companion, guiding you toward your true potential. With the incredible power of vision, you can navigate your future with confidence in an illuminated path toward purpose, resilience, and boundless growth.
Also discover:
• The power and importance of vision
• How to see what God sees
• How to awaken your prophetic vision
• How to fix your focus
• The power of mountain-moving faith

Authors Kishma A.George, Ayanna Lynnay, Stephany Smith, Tamike Brown, Quonda Warner, Shantae Holland, Shiral Green-Smith, Venesia Williams

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$14.99 Paperback 
$7.99 Ebook

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