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Refreshing: Rekindle Your Passion for Life! 

Refreshing: Rekindle Your Passion for Life! 

In Refreshing: Rekindle Your Passion for Life Author Gina C Edwards,  beckons you to rediscover the vibrant energy that still resides within you. Your dreams, your mission, your calling – they're very much alive. Imagine yourself as a vessel for the flowing rivers of vitality, capable of rejuvenating yourself at any moment. Now is a pivotal time for awakening and achieving your true potential. Are you ready to step forward? In need of a fresh beginning or a period of rejuvenation? It's perfectly fine to pause, rejuvenate your spirit, and embrace a new zest for life. Join me on a journey to revitalize your purpose, find peace, and clarify your vision. Feel the empowering currents of life coursing through you. Don't lose hope; your life is still full of potential and meaning. Remember, a great work has begun in you. Embrace each day with renewed purpose and joy. Today marks the start of your personal revival!


$14.99 Paperback
$8.99 Kindle 

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