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Standing at the Threshold of Destiny

Standing at the Threshold of Destiny

By Helen Hopkins 

This book was inspired by the story of an Old Testament father named Zelophehad and his five daughters. Each character’s name corresponds to tell a captivating story of overcoming obstacles and defeating overwhelming odds. As you discover the meaning of each name of these incredible characters and their compelling story, you will be stimulated and empowered to overcome your own fears associated with a lingering past or dismal future. You will be encouraged to put the past behind you, break free from your present limitations, redefine who you are in Christ and pursue the amazing destiny that God has in store for you. You will learn that your identity is connected to your destiny. What you believe about yourself will either help or hinder your success in life. You will discover your identity in Christ and be motivated to step over the threshold before you and reclaim your destiny. This book consists of twelve chapters which are perfect for small group Bible Study, Book Club or personal enrichment. Each chapter is followed by a Reflections Page for points of discussion – as well as a ‘Scriptural Inheritance’ affirmation for you to claim.

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$15.00 Paperback
$9.99 Kindle 

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