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Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick

Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick 

By Yvonne White-Mitchell

Yvonne White-Mitchell, both an author and a breast cancer survivor, shares her remarkable journey of facing this daunting challenge with courage and determination. The book's title, "Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick", is a bold declaration that Yvonne felt the Lord inspired her to declare upon hearing her diagnosis. Facing the disease head-on, she proclaimed her readiness to battle, refusing to let cancer rob her of her joy. This book is more than just a cancer survival story; it's a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with life's hurdles. Yvonne's message is clear: trust in God's process, for His strength, is greater than any adversity, be it cancer or any other trial. Let this book empower you to hand over your struggles to God and witness His mighty power in your life.

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$10.99 Paperback

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