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Image by Jason Leung

Annabella's Bedtime Blessing 

Annabella's Bedtime Blessing 

ChosenButterfly Publishing's 1st Children Book!!!! 

Story Idea by Lauriyana Moore with help from mom Ayanna Lynnay 

Annabella has a hard time falling asleep at night. She and her mom try all kinds of things to help her sleep better, but sadly, nothing seems to work.
Annabella tosses and turns, feeling tired and worried as the night and days drag on. But then, one day, Annabella learns one special thing that finally helps her sleep through the night peacefully. After trying everything else, this one night time routine makes all the difference for her.
Join Annabella as she discovers what that one special thing is that lets her sleep soundly. For any child who has faced sleepless nights Annabella’s story will be a relatable and inspiring tale.
Annabella's Bedtime Blessing reminds us that sometimes it's a small things that we overlook that can be our biggest blessing!

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