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God Will Right Your Wrong Too 

God Will Right Your Wrong Too

Compiled By Natasha Bibbins 

Have you ever felt trapped by your past mistakes, wondering if redemption is possible? God Will Right Your Wrong Too is the powerful sequel to the inspiring collection, God Will Right Your Wrong. Compiled by Dr. Natasha Bibbins, this second installment continues to share real-life testimonies showcasing the transformative power of God's grace.


In this book, you will find new stories of individuals who have experienced God's intervention in their darkest moments, turning their wrongs into rights. From overcoming addiction and abuse to finding faith after immense loss, each narrative is a testament to the unyielding love and mercy of God.


These stories remind us that no situation is beyond God's reach and no person is too far gone for His grace to restore.


As you delve into these accounts of hope and redemption, you will be inspired to reflect on your own journey and recognize that God's transformative power is available to you, too. God Will Right Your Wrong Too is more than just a book; it is a beacon of hope, encouraging you to trust in God's timing and His plan for your life.


Join Dr. Natasha Bibbins and eleven courageous individuals who have shared their stories in this second volume, and discover the profound truth that no matter how far you have strayed, God is always ready to right your wrongs.


Stories by: Dr. Natasha Bibbins, Michael Bibbins, Carla D. Manuel, Nyoka Hendricks, Apostle Denzel Lewis, Tanisha Bowman, Dr.Monica Floyd, Tanisha Burton-Walker, Mary Russell-Hankins, Danyelle Custis, Nicole Lindsay Bryant


$15.99 Paperback
$2.99 Ebook


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