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Take God's Plan Out of the Can

The Power of Perseverance

Compilation By TheWomen of Zeta Alpha Psi Sisterhood 

There is a saying, or so we’ve heard, that God gives His greatest battles to His strongest warriors.
Although it’s not written out in scripture, it’s been proven a truth that almost every warrior can attest to. The Women of Zeta Alpha Psi Sisterhood have definitely experienced firsthand God’s hand concerning their lives, dreams, and life’s battles and trials. In this collection of testimonies, one can literally feel the power of God through each story. Through each trial and through each victory, one thing is for sure.
Had these women not remained persistent, who knows the possible fate of their dreams, desires, and aspirations? However, because they fought the good fight of faith, and stood strong concerning the promises of God, the Power of Persistence will be another monument and testament to how God MOVES.

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$12.99 Paperback
$8.99 Ebook


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