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Bringing Forth The Dreamer in You 

Bringing Forth The Dreamer in You 

Compiled By Dr.Kishma A. George 

Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You is a compelling, inspiring, and captivating approach to releasing the God-given dream and potential lodged within you. With penetrating insights, heartfelt moving stories and testimonies, this book reveals real life testaments of personal victories of pursuing the call, vision and dream on one’s life. This book provides a clear pathway to releasing and maximizing your full potential. If you have been frustrated by your dreams, ideas, and visions, this book will activate your hidden treasure and ignite the spirit of creativity to produce. It will defeat the spirit of stagnation and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, and destiny. Bringing Forth the Dreamer in You, will enable you to: • Prosper and have total victory in every area of your life. • Activate, stimulate, and release the wealth of your potential. • Break personal limitations, barriers of past failures, oppositions and disappointments. • Inspire and awaken the “dreamer” in you to fulfill your goals, ideas and vision. • Dream bigger and live better. Whether you are a business owner, visionary leader, single parent, young or old – you can still unlock the seed of greatness within you to bring forth your dream. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Foreword by Les Brown, Nationally Recognized Motivational Speaker



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