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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect: A Story of the Process of Forgiveness 

Have you ever wanted to find out where you came from and to find that missing parent in your life? Have you ever come to hate that parent for leaving? Have you ever wanted a relationship or to be married so bad that you were willing to give up any and everything to achieve this desire. Have you ever been hurt in the church? Have you ever endured a hurt so deep and unexpected that you thought you would never recover? Truth is we all have been hurt in some way. You are invited to take a journey with Kimberly Fairley as she shares her deepest hurts, heartaches, and breaks. She will show how she overcame bitterness and unforgiveness and how she was able to move forward through the love and grace of God, amazing friends and leaders. There IS Beauty in Brokenness!


$12.99 Paperback

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