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From a Doubter to a Dreamer

From a Doubter to a Dreamer

By Dr.Kishma George 

From a Doubter to a Dreamer exalts and edifies you to conquer your fear, paralyze your doubt, and reject your disbelief. God gives many people dreams but sadly before those dreams can manifest doubt has a way of sneaking in. Anyone who has ever been successful in life must overcome many obstacles and doubt is usually the first one.

This book will exemplify how to tap into your true God hidden treasures and shift you to the DREAMER you are DESTINED to be. Author Kishma A. George shares her testimony of how God's grace enabled her to go from a doubter to a dreamer and see her dreams come alive! This powerful testimony will extinguish the dream consuming fire of doubt and breathe new life to your dreams! God is speaking, NOW, is the time for YOU to go forth, pursue, and live your dreams!


$19.99 Hardcover
$15.99 Paperback
$2.99 Ebook

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