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Smiling Through the Pain 

Smiling Through the Pain 

By Deneen J. Majors 

My name is Deneen Josette Majors and I am a firm believer that we all have a story to tell. The awesome thing about our stories is that they can be told and used to set others free. That’s right, others can be blessed and encouraged when we are willing to be transparent and raw. When we are willing to expose the truth behind the pain and our outward smile.

As a single mom and a hairstylist, I have endured many heartbreaks and heartaches in various forms from love to death. In my book Smiling Thru the Pain I share pieces of my world in hopes that others can somehow see life through my eyes and be encouraged, strengthened, and free. I am a living witness that no matter how tough life gets YES you can smile through pain. I am Deneen Josette Majors and this is my story

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$12.99 Paperback
$6.99 Ebook

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