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A Husband and Wife's Love Letter to God 

A Husband and Wife's Love Letter to God 

By John and Ronette Johnson 

This book is like a big, warm hug in the form of a story about love, and a heartfelt note to God about marriage all rolled into one.

Imagine this: while we're all tapping away on our phones, scrolling through screens, and binge-watching our favorite shows, we're actually on a treasure hunt. We're all searching for something magical—maybe it's a spark of inspiration, a nugget of wisdom, a dose of motivation, or just a sign that hope and love are out there waiting for us. Especially, a kind of love that fills your heart to the brim, maybe even a love that connects us a little closer to God.


For anyone who gets butterflies just thinking about love, for those who keep the flame of hope alive, and for all the dreamy-eyed romantics, this book is your new best friend. It's packed with sweet advice and cheerful encouragement for the journey of dating, the art of waiting, building relationships, saying "I do," and finding love the way God dreamed it for us.


We're praying and believing that you will put God in the spotlight of your life, aiming to make Him proud. And along the way, we hope you'll uncover the wonderful plans He has in store for you—be it in your personal growth, your future marriage, your career path, your family tree, or your role in making the world a better place.

Penned by John and Ronette Johnson, a husband and wife team, dedicated followers of God, and newbies on the Christian writing scene. They're the hearts behind Divine Heart Couples, a cozy corner on the internet where love stories meet faith, also known to the social media world as @DivineHeartCouples.

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$12.99 Paperback


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