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Emerge, Pivot, Live 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment, victory, and a deeper connection with your faith? In "Emerge, Pivot and Live ," author Shirlene Jones invites you to join her in a devotional experience that will help you break free from the obstacles that have held you back and discover the abundant blessings that await you.
Drawing from her own spiritual insights and personal experiences, Shirlene's devotionals are infused with the belief that God desires greatness for all of us. With unwavering faith, she guides you through a series of activities, readings, and Scripture passages that will empower you to emerge as more than just a conqueror. These exercises are designed to not only challenge you but also encourage self-reflection, prompting you to explore your inner self and tap into the hidden treasures within you.
As you delve into the pages of this devotional, you will find that scripture and prayer are essential tools in your journey of self-discovery and growth. Shirlene's inspirational words are a reminder that it's never too late to rise from your past mistakes and embrace the wisdom they offer for your future. You'll learn to silence your inner critic and walk confidently in your God-given authority.
"Emerge, Pivot and Live" is not just a devotional; it's a lifeline to a more empowered, victorious, and spiritually enriched you. With Shirlene Jones as your guide, you will uncover the blessings that await, embrace your God-given authority, and experience the transformative power of faith. It's time to Emerge, Pivot and Live the life you were meant to lead.

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$14.99 Paperback

Emerge, Pivot, Live 

By Shirlene Jones 

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