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Dream Bigger 

Dream Bigger 

Compiled by Dr. Kishma George 

Dr. Kishma A. George does it again! Dr. Kishma has hand selected and compiled another powerful anthology to encourage readers to not only dream but to Dream Bigger. This power-packed dream ignitor has contributions from authors; Prophetess Kimberly Dillard, Dr.Portia Theodore Basham, Pamela Reece, Tiffany McCullough, Dr.Shanika Steward, Annette Watson-Johnson, Pastor Celeste Johnson, Dr.Hope Sims Sutton, Dr.Felica Archer, Min.Sandra James, Takesha Brown, Prophetess Latoya Wilson, Dr.Deborah Allen, Shamika Minisee, Sherly T. Julien, Dr.Sandrian Nelson-Moon , Lakisha Rousseve, Karen Cumby, Dr. Shiral Green Smith, and Dr.Kishma A. George. Foreword by reality TV mom Vanessa R.Tracy.
As you read their stories of the challenges and triumphs they faced birthing their dreams may YOUR dreams experience activation and acceleration in coming into manifestation BIGGER than you thought possible!

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$24.99 Paperback
$9.99 Ebook

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