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Designed to Dream 

Designed to Dream 

By Rodney Davis 

Redefine your design, realize you are greater than your current job description and bring forth your God given dreams with a dream book that will change your life.

Dreams are uncommon thoughts; not the normal way of thinking. Yet, so many treat their extraordinary dreams like they are ordinary, and like college students treat their majors—undecided. Please know this: Everything created in life started with a big dream, a desire for it, and faith to go after it. Dreams are fashioned to excite and scare you at the same time. God never gives you a dream that you can do without Him and others. Your dream should be so big that it gives your faith a job.
You were designed to dream, and in this book you will discover how your dreams connect to God’s purpose for your life and how to handle the detours through the desert of dry seasons. Designed to Dream will challenge you to persevere when your dreams have been deferred, and ultimately how to follow a clear vision that will unleash the greatness within you. Designed to Dream will stir your faith to go after the dream you are most afraid of.

Exodus 2:3 says, “But when she could no longer hide him..” If you believe the hour has come where people will no longer be able to hide you and your greatness is ready to be made known, then let this teaching awaken you to your Design to Dream.

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$5.75 Paperback
$2.99 Ebook


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