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Meet the Publisher

From Bookworm to Butterfly- The Emergence of ChosenButterfly Publishing

Once upon a time, in a world where outdoor games and TV shows were the norm, there lived a little girl named Ayanna Lynnay, whose best friends were books. This unique bibliophile found her paradise in the pages of stories. Her love for books was so immense that she turned her allowance into a book-buying bonanza. Picture this: a room so packed with books that they were practically spilling out of the windows! Ayanna had more books than clothes, more novels than toys, and probably more pages in her room than tiles on the floor.

The local bookstore knew her by name, and rumor has it, they even considered renaming a section after her (not really, but she did spend a lot of money there)! Truthfully, Ayanna's room was less of a bedroom and more of a personal library with a bed squeezed in. It was her own little wonderland, where every book was a new adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

In 2009, Ayanna felt a divine nudge. It was more than just an idea; it was a calling from above. She realized her mission was to help others share their stories with the world. Thus, with a heart full of hope and a mind brimming with ideas, ChosenButterfly Publishing fluttered into existence in 2010.

This was no ordinary publishing house. Ayanna didn't need loud promotions or flashy ads. Instead, she relied on something more powerful - a belief that if something is meant to be, it will find a way. Miraculously, ChosenButterfly Publishing resonated with numerous budding authors, who, guided by fate or fortune, sought Ayanna's expertise to breathe life into their manuscripts. 

At the core of Ayanna's vision is a commitment to excellence and a desire to glorify the Lord through every book published under the ChosenButterfly banner. Each book is not just a product; it's a masterpiece, lovingly crafted and presented with the utmost care. Joining Ayanna in this endeavor is an incredible team of editors, graphic designers, and writing coaches, all united in the mission to turn the dreams of aspiring writers into reality.

Ayanna and her team’s journey is a testament to the power of faith, passion, and the magic of books. In Ayanna’s world, every story is a butterfly waiting to spread its wings, and she is the gentle nurturer helping them soar into the hearts of readers everywhere.

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