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Weight of the Wait

Weight of the Wait

By Tavara Johnson 

This book is designed for singles ladies who are struggling as they endure the weight of singleness. Women will learn how to purposely wait in their single season while finding fulfillment in God. Strategies on how to navigate each day as you ponder on thought-provoking questions can be found in this devotional. This book will take you on a journey that I too once experienced and saw it as painful, but now enjoy. It is my desire that single women all over the world will regain their lives and begin to experience a single and satisfied life in their current state. I hope that the women will see their life through the eyes of their Heavenly Father and know that they are not being punished as He desires the abundant life for them.


Ladies, ask yourself this question. Do I want to meet my purpose partner at the wrong time and the relationship not come to fruition or do I want to meet him at the predestined time and everything flows with ease? Be encouraged, know that Boaz is not coming because Ruth already has him, but instead wait on the man that God has designed just for you.

$16.99 Paperback 
$9.99 Ebook

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