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Use What's In Your Hand 

Use What's In Your Hand 

Compiled By Dr.KishmaA. George 

Did you know that you have within you ALL you need to have the dream life that you envisioned? Use What’s in Your Hand is the new powerful blockbuster book written to encourage you to use what God has already given you in order to unlock the greatness within your life. The foreword was written by Dr. Lenika Scott, aka the “Millionaire Mom,” who went from public assistance to becoming a first generational multimillionaire and now teaches other Kingdom women how to manifest, take action and unlock their wealth! The other fourteen powerful contributors, women who have been through the fire of life, share their stories to motivate, encourage, and break every hindrance that may be holding you back from obtaining and living the life you were created to live. This book will give you the inspiration you need to Use What’s in Your Hand to unlock the seed of greatness within you and bring forth your DREAMS!

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$19.99 Paperback
$9.99 Ebook

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