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R.E.D Resist Every Demon 

By Apostle Julia D. Ford

"R.E.D; Resist Every Demon: A Spiritual Warfare Guide and Prayer Book" by Apostle Julia Ford is an empowering guide for those seeking to strengthen their spiritual defenses. In a world where unseen battles rage around us, this book serves as a vital tool in understanding and combating spiritual adversaries. Apostle Ford expertly navigates the complexities of spiritual warfare, offering insightful teachings and powerful prayers to resist demonic influences and temptations.

This guide is more than just a book; it's a spiritual armor, providing practical strategies and deep wisdom for standing strong in faith. Each chapter is designed to equip believers with the knowledge and spiritual tools necessary to triumph over darkness. Through a blend of scriptural references and personal insights, Apostle Ford emphasizes the importance of prayer, faith, and the power of God's Word in overcoming spiritual challenges.

Whether you're new to the concept of spiritual warfare or seeking to deepen your existing knowledge, "R.E.D; Resist Every Demon" is an essential resource. It's a beacon of light for those navigating the often-overlooked battles of the spirit, encouraging readers to hold fast to their faith and emerge victorious.

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$9.99 Paperback


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