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Keep Writing! A Word of Encouragement from Ayanna

Dear Christian Writers and Future Writers,


I want to tell you something really special: You are doing an amazing job! Writing stories and sharing God's love through your words is like being a scribe for Jesus. It's a big, important task, and you're doing it!

Remember, every time you write, it's like planting tiny seeds. These seeds can grow in people's hearts, helping them learn about Jesus, feel His love, and maybe even smile on a tough day. Your stories are like lights in the dark, showing the way to Jesus.

Sometimes, writing can be hard. You might feel stuck or wonder if your writing isn’t good enough. But guess what? God gave you this special gift of writing because He knows you can do it! And just like David beat the giant Goliath with just a sling and a stone, you can do big things with just a pen and paper (or a computer!).

When you're not sure what to write, pray and ask God to help you! He's the best helper and loves to see you using your gift. Continue to trust in the Lord for inspiration and guidance. Your writing is a vessel of His truth. As you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, pray for His wisdom and guidance. Let the Holy Spirit lead your creativity, knowing that your work is part of God's greater plan.

Remember your stories don't have to be long or fancy. They just need to be from your heart. And remember, you're not alone. There are lots of other Christian writers out there, and you're all on the same team, writing for Jesus.


 So keep writing, keep praying, and keep shining your light!

You're doing great, and I can't wait to see all the wonderful stories you're going to write!!!!

Love and Blessings,

Ayanna Lynnay, Founder ChosenButterfly Publishing

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